Princeton Charter School

5-8 Division

Our Vision for Middle School Education

Grades 5-8 is  a time for students to come to know themselves as learners and members of a  community. The academic program at Princeton Charter School provides a broad base of fundamental skills that foster intellectual curiosity and lay the foundation for future study.

Students emerge  as confident, competent learners who are comfortable working in a variety of settings and subject areas. The critical values we stress  include self-reliance and cooperation, individual and group problem-solving, development of effective study habits, respect for individual differences, contribution to the community, and the pursuit of excellence.

The core academic program in Grades 5 and 6 includes English (both reading and writing), mathematics, science, social studies, a choice of two world languages (French and Spanish), health and physical education, and visual and performing arts. Technology and its effective use are integrated throughout the curriculum, and all students benefit from a structured study-skills course.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Students in the 5-8 Division also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of after-school programs including various clubs, sports, orchestra,  and the school Musical (Grades 7&8).

Grade level overview: 

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