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Goals and Objectives of the Charter School

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Goals and Objectives of the Charter School

The main goals of Princeton Charter School are to:

  1. educate students for future success;
  2. promote academic excellence and equity for a diverse population of students within the public education system;
  3. provide a choice of educational opportunities within a public school system for parents, students, and educators.

Education for Future Success

The immediate goal of Princeton Charter School is to prepare students for academic success in their further education, to enable students to keep open a broad spectrum of options for their future endeavors, and to prepare them to be responsible and productive citizens.

Princeton Charter School (PCS) will give students an early and thorough grounding in reading, writing, mathematics, history, science, a modern world language, and the arts, so as not to foreclose any future career choice. The school will focus on core knowledge and essential skills so that children may achieve the mastery on which further learning will build. The PCS education program also includes comprehensive health and physical education. The core PCS grade-level outcomes meet New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and are defined in part by referring to existing national and international standards.

In order to prepare students for the future, and to meet the New Jersey Core Curriculum Standard of Workplace Readiness, PCS will foster a range of attitudes and behaviors such as hard work, personal responsibility, constructive engagement in activities, self-discipline to tackle various assignments, a sense of fairness, and respect for others.

In the course of their studies, students in Princeton Charter School are expected to develop and hone the skills to formulate a question or define an issue. They will find relevant information using appropriate tools and evaluate it through critical thinking and quantitative analysis. They will solve problems and make decisions based on available information and organize and present their work both orally and in written or graphic form.

PCS will strive to lead every student to these accomplishments, which are essential to future success in school and at work, to the responsibilities of citizenship, and to the satisfactions of a cultivated mind.

Excellence and Equity in Education

Interest in rigorous early education crosses all demographic boundaries. Princeton Charter School will seek a diverse student body and offer those students both excellence and equity in education. The school's strong academic program will reduce achievement gaps by eliminating an important cause - the insufficient mastery of basic knowledge and skills required for further academic achievement.

Princeton Charter School will use a variety of teaching methods to ensure mastery of appropriate skills, ideas, and knowledge for all students, regardless of race, gender, or socioeconomic and educational background. Since knowledge and skills are acquired cumulatively and systematically, it is essential to detect any learning difficulties early and to intervene before proceeding to the next level. Regular assessments integrated with the curriculum will help to determine how students are learning and to identify those areas that need more support or greater challenge.

Princeton Charter School will be responsible for meeting the educational needs of its students without parents resorting to outside tutoring, provided parents or guardians support the school's mission by ensuring home study sessions and homework completion. Beyond its core program, PCS is dedicated to challenging and stimulating every child. A modified program will be provided for those children with diagnosed disabilities that require adjusted teaching strategies or definitions of success, all within the general framework of PCS education goals.

Choice in Education

Princeton Charter School's third main goal is to provide a real choice among education opportunities for students, parents, and teachers. The availability of choices within public education, not just for those who can afford private schools, ensures a real option for all the residents of Princeton, regardless of the financial status of their families.

The availability of choice is an important element in educational accountability and promotes higher standards throughout the system. Those students whose families prefer a rigorous early education may choose PCS, while remaining free to return to the regular public schools in the district of their residence if they become dissatisfied. This mechanism puts emphasis on the needs of the students, and helps to ensure that these needs are met in either regular public schools or PCS. The accountability that choice encourages will also help maintain strong public support for public education as a whole.

By meeting its objectives, Princeton Charter School will provide children with a positive educational and social experience in a structured, challenging yet nurturing environment. It will be a community in which students, teachers, and parents are jointly aware of and committed to the mission and goals of the school.

Specific Objectives

  • Students will develop clear and effective written and oral communication skills using standard English.
  • Students will acquire a strong foundation in mathematical reasoning and skills.
  • Students will learn about the political, economic, cultural, geographic, and technological forces that have shaped the history of the world and of the United States.
  • Students will acquire knowledge and skills in the sciences and will be able to conduct inquiries using the scientific method.
  • Students will develop an informed appreciation of the arts and participate in their creation.
  • Students will be able to speak, read, and write in a language other than English.
  • Students will learn the essentials necessary for a healthy, safe, and physically fit life.
  • Students will recognize the importance of hard work, personal responsibility, and respect for others.
  • Students from all demographic groups will perform at comparably high achievement levels.

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