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Princeton Charter School (PCS) is established by the Princeton Charter School Founders (PCSF), which consists of parents of children currently attending the Princeton Regional School District and certified teachers. These individuals are listed below. Background information, certifications/licenses and corporate/business affiliations are given in an appendix of the full application which is available at the reference desk of the Princeton Public Library. The Founders are individuals who are all committed to public education and who believe that this charter school will benefit public education in the state of New Jersey.

The Founders wish to acknowledge the efforts of all the community members who contributed to this application. The Founders of the PCS have entered no partnerships with other entities to found this school.

Name Schools (1996-1997)
David Abraham Littlebrook Elementary (5)
Fred Brodzinski Princeton High (12); Certified Teacher
Bruce T. Draine Littlebrook Elementary (5), Princeton High (9)
Jeremy Goodman Riverside Elementary (5, K)
Dina Gutkowicz-Krusin* Littlebrook Elementary (5), Princeton High (9)
Jane Hallett Johnson Park Elementary (4, 4), John Witherspoon Middle (7)
Simon Hallett* Johnson Park Elementary (4, 3), John Witherspoon Middle (7)
Lolita Buckner Inniss Riverside Elementary (4, 4)
Molly Kulkarni Riverside Elementary (4, K, K in 1997)
Elena Leonova Community Park Elementary (4), John Witherspoon Middle (6)
Sandra Milevski* Littlebrook Elementary (4, 2)
Anca Niculin Johnson Park (5)
Toby Peterson Certified English Teacher
Maureen P. Quirk* Riverside Elementary (5, K)
Lee Silver Community Park Elementary (4, 1, K in 1997)
Susan Remis Silver Community Park Elementary (4, 1, K in 1997)
Peter N. Yianilos* Community Park Elementary (5), John Witherspoon Middle (7)
Founder's Steering Committee Members are indicated by *.

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