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Chess instruction is part of the Princeton Charter School academic program. Instruction
in chess:

  • gives students access to a strategic thinking game that they may play throughout their lives;
  • has a proven ability to improve reasoning skills and academic performance;
  • provides opportunities for students to participate in healthy competition as an alternative or addition to athletics;
  • provides a challenging, interactive game that crosses age and gender lines.

Multiple empirical studies have shown that after a course of chess instruction, students show significant improvement in their academic achievement in all academic areas including mathematics, science, reading, writing, critical thinking, and social skills.

Classroom instruction is designed to give students a comprehensive introduction to the game and the opportunity to improve both their understanding and their playing ability.

Lessons are composed from examples and from the demonstration of complete games played by famous players, other students in class, or players in scholastic tournaments. Students are given time in class to play with their peers with the instructor observing and giving instruction as appropriate

For a full decription of the chess program, click here.

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