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K-4 Division

K reading- stephnieThe K-4 division at Princeton Charter School is dedicated to starting young individuals along the path as life-long learners equipped with excellent thinking and academic skills and the understanding of good character and community responsibility.

Through our program, students build a strong academic foundation to ensure success as learners in the future.  We do this while also building an attitude of respect; respect for each other, for the faculty and staff, and for the school and its goals.  Princeton Charter School strives to instill a healthy regard for the process of learning.  Students learn problem-solving techniques to resolve conflict; skills that they can carry into adulthood.

After building a foundation of the basics, students are challenged to apply their knowledge to new situations and problems.  Students engage in inquiry and analysis through discussion and written reflection in all grades.  Writing is an important fundamental in the K-4 grades.  We utilize the Lucy Calkins Writer’s Workshop approach to writing instruction.  Written response and expression actively occurs across all subject areas including history, math, science, and foreign language.  

Our other academic cornerstone is mathematics.  We begin arithmetic, number sense, geometry, graphing, and pattern recognition in kindergarten.  At Princeton Charter School, we are equally proud of our other academic subject areas, taught by highly credentialed and qualified teachers.  Princeton Charter School boasts an exceptional World Language program, introducing French in Kindergarten three days a week. World Language instruction occurs daily starting in first grade. Spanish is offered as a choice in third grade.   Specialized instruction in science begins in Kindergarten.

The K-4 building is the entry point for Princeton Charter School students.  We begin each year with a new kindergarten class and a new third grade class, expanding from one second grade class to two integrated third grade classes.  New students and parents are supported with information sessions, new family dinners, a focus on organizational strategies, and an open and caring attitude toward smooth assimilation into our school.


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