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**School Calendar Changes - Snow Days and Make-up Days**

NOTICE: 02/18/2014

Barring any more days lost due to weather conditions, we will extend the school year to Thursday, June 19.  Graduation will remain in place on June 13.  We will move "pool day" and "field day" into that week in order to recoup effective teaching days earlier in the spring.


NOTICE: 02/11/2014

Princeton Charter School will not have classes  on Friday, 02/14 nor Monday , 02/17 next week.  Friday is scheduled for a full day of Professional Development for faculty.  We have only one day for this compared to other school districts that typically have more.  We also feel that trying to have school on Monday does not provide adequate notice to the many families that may have plans.

At this point, we have four snow days to make up.   We have already taken, Tuesday, 2/18.  Currently, we are planning to extend the school year by three half days to Wednesday, 6/18.  There will be no change to spring break. At this point the date for graduation will remain the same.

Since many families have heard that Princeton Public Schools will be open for classes on Friday and Monday, please note that we will not be following their schedule.  PPS has five days to make up compared to our four days, and they will be ending on Tuesday, 6/24.

We are planning to move field day and pool day, if possible, to that last week in order to regain two productive teaching days earlier in the year.

Of course Thursday's storm may bring another snow day and we still have February, March and April to get through.  Be aware that we may need to alter this current plan if faced with more snow days. 

We will keep you updated on the plan in the event of another snow day.

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