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The K-4 math program is structured to help students cultivate their mathematical reasoning, problem solving, and communication skills.  Students start in kindergarten by developing numerical and spatial sense.  In first grade, students build on this by learning to count, and compute using whole numbers.  In second grade, students strengthen these skills, and develop their mathematical vocabulary.  Upon entering third grade, students have their multiplication and division facts memorized, and are emerging with fraction sense.  In fourth grade students apply their mathematical vocabulary, and learn to compute with not only whole numbers, but also in terms of fractions and decimals.  Each year in the K-4 program, students extend their knowledge in the areas of geometry, data organization, and analysis.  To help students build a strong facts-based education, the K-4 math program uses the HSP Math program by Harcourt. Students start in kindergarten using the first grade book, and finish with the program in fifth grade using the sixth grade text.  To cultivate problem-solving skills, students use the Singapore Math Problem Solving Program where they learn to pictorially represent math problems, turn pictures into mathematical sentences, and eventually into algebraic equations.  The K-4 math Program gives students a strong factual foundation from which to develop into mathematical thinkers.

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