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The arts are a fundamental component of the educational program at PCS. The curriculum includes visual arts, music, theater/drama, and folk dance. Following the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards for the Visual and Performing Arts, our goal is to achieve art literacy for all students, i.e., to educate not only providers, but also recipients of the arts.

Arts education is best accomplished through participatory experiences. All PCS students actively “make art" from the earliest years

In music students are provided with choral singing experience, as well as age-appropriate classroom instrumental and recorder instruction. All students are exposed to notation and the basic rudiments of music theory. They learn about composers and study selected repertoire representing all periods of music. Combining sounds through their own improvisation and composition activities is an integral component of their music studies.
In visual arts, students learn the elements of drawing, painting, and sculpture. A variety of techniques for creating two or three-dimensional art are taught; creative explorations coexist with instruction in specific techniques.
In addition to the art making" component, students learn the elements of each art form's language. Differences and similarities among examples of the arts from around the world are analyzed. Uses of the arts, and conventions and fashions in the arts are discussed in conjunction with the study of art history. Students learn how to use the acquired knowledge, art vocabulary, and analytical skills to develop an aesthetic appreciation of the arts.
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