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Drop-off /Pick-up Procedures

The best time for parent pick up is between 3:18 and 3:30.  Students are excused at 3:15 and cannot get out to the cars until 3:18 at the earliest.  When too many cars come early for pick-up, the parking lot becomes overcrowded and traffic backs up into Bunn Drive.   Since the students are not out of the building yet, there is no way to move the cars out.  As such, please do not come early and wait in the parking lot unless you are able to park in a lined parking spot. 

When picking up after school, if you need to park and leave your vehicle, please use the lined parking stalls in either the upper or lower parking lots.  The length of curb by the fence between the two lots is intended for busses during drop off and pick up times.  However, to assist efficient pick up, parents may park here with the understanding that they stay with their vehicles, move up when someone ahead leaves, and move away when busses come, either to a parking stall or drive around so that any busses can move forward. 
For safety reasons, please do not stop by the left side curb.  It is too dangerous for students to cross over.  If parked in a stall on the far side of the parking lots, please escort your child across for the same reason.

On some days, when busses do not need to service the Regional Schools before us, they will come at 3:30pm.  On these days, called "reverse pick up days", notice will be given asking parents to come  promptly at 3:10 and to leave by  3:25pm.  From 3:25 to 3:45 the passage between the upper and lower parking lots will be closed off because busses need to park on both the right and left side curbs.

On inclement weather days, more parents tend to pick up children rather than let then take the bus.  Please realize this prolongs the process of getting children to cars and traffic often backs up into Bunn Drive.  If your child has an activity after school, you may need to come before 3:15 on such days to check her/him out to avoid the delays typical of such bad weather days.


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