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HIB Grade

HIB Grade

In compliance with the state HIB law, public schools are required to complete a self-evaluation rating  performance in implementing all aspects of the HIB regulation for the 2014-2015 school year.  Princeton Charter School conducted this self-assessment which was then reported to the state.   In addition, the state requires all schools to post the "HIB grade," our self-assessment score, on the school website.  

We were asked to assess whether we met or exceeded various standards.  In true Charter fashion, we held ourselves to very high standards.  Did we meet the requirements or did we truly exceed them?  In many categories, we decided that we were meeting the standards and have made a commitment to exceed them.  In others, we decided that we wanted to improve our efforts. 

In 19 of the 25 categories we met or exceeded the standard resulting in an overall score of 49 out of a possible 75.  Our conservative self-assessment reflects a commitment on our part to consistently hold ourselves to high standards when it comes not only to the education of our students but also to their social and emotional well-being. We have already used the self-evaluation to guide our planning and to make changes this year to improve our students experiences in this important area.


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