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Strategic Plan

Princeton Charter School Strategic Plan

Throughout the Princeton Charter School’s fifteenth anniversary year, the Princeton Charter School Board of Trustees and Administration engaged in a strategic planning process.  This process was informed by various school constituencies through a range of input and engagement including face-to-face meetings, focus groups, surveys, a day-long retreat, and representation on the Strategic Planning Committee. 

The result is a dynamic plan that preserves and builds on the strong foundation of PCS’ first 15 years while identifying vital opportunities to enhance our school.  While some strategic planning processes are born of crisis and necessity, Princeton Charter School’s arises from strength and opportunity.  Because we are successfully meeting our Charter’s commitment to providing a diverse student body with the best possible education by focusing on fundamental academic disciplines in an atmosphere that affirms academic achievement, we can now invest in further enhancing and expanding our efforts in five core areas: Academic Excellence, Student Life, School Resources, Community Outreach, and Governance.   The initiatives we will pursue in each of these core areas are outlined in the pages that follow.

The Strategic Plan will be implemented over the coming three years.  Some initiatives are already under way, some will soon commence, while others will be carefully developed for full implementation in the years to come.  The Head of School bears responsibility for overseeing implementation of the Strategic Plan with the support of a Board of Trustees task force.  The Head of School will provide regular updates to the Board of Trustees and the Princeton Charter School community.  We look forward to drawing on the rich resources, expertise, and commitment of the Princeton Charter School community for the implementation of this multi-faceted plan.

Just as we seek to cultivate life-long learning in our students, our aim is for the Princeton Charter School to be an organization in which strategic planning is an on-going responsibility and opportunity for enhancing our school, rather than a periodic exercise.  Therefore, we anticipate that the Strategic Plan will be a living document that, while charting the opportunities ahead, will be flexible and responsive to new information, developments, and perspectives.   

 What will remain constant, of course, is our commitment to fulfilling the Charter that called our school into being.  As stewards of the mission and the institution, we look forward to the next fifteen years and more of the Princeton Charter School as we all strive to provide a diverse student body with the best possible education focusing on fundamental academic disciplines in an atmosphere that affirms academic achievement.  Together we will inspire, support, and challenge all of our students to achieve.  We look forward to your partnership in these years to come.

Respectfully submitted,

Paul Josephson, President

Amanda Rose, Vice President

Shannon Daley-Harris, Secretary

Khalid Anwar, Treasurer

Nandini Chowdhury, Trustee

Randy Hubert, Trustee 

Kinga Kaminska, Trustee

Trusha Shah, Trustee

Alan Zetterberg, Trustee

Lawrence Patton, Head of School

Princeton NJ, November 2013

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